Frequent Bloating, Need Extra Digestive Enzymes from Outside the Body

After you eat, have you ever thought about how food is digested in the body? The process of digestion of food is controlled by digestive enzymes. This enzyme plays an important role in breaking down food particles into the smallest parts, so that the nutrients are easily absorbed by the body. Enzyme itself is a type of protein that functions to accelerate the rate of biochemical reactions in the body. Most digestive enzymes are produced naturally in the digestive tract, such as the mouth, stomach, pancreas, and small intestine. Certain medical conditions can affect the production of enzymes that ultimately cause digestive problems. If digestive disorders occur due to lack of enzymes, then additional enzymes that are derived from outside the body are needed. The Role of Enzymes in the Digestive Process Every food that enters your body must be broken down into basic nutrients, namely amino acids from protein, fatty acids and glycerol from fat, and glucose from carbohydrates. This p
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